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Wooden Stones Stacking Toy

Wooden Stones Stacking Toy

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This colorful stacking wooden stone toy is created to foster your children’s creativity, imagination, and natural curiosity that leads to lifelong learning. It’s also a great way for parents to bond with their kids.

  • Fun educational blocks
  • Imagination enhancing colorful design
  • Aesthetically pleasing and easy to handle
  • Safe for kids
  • Early Skills development
Wooden Stones
Stacking Toy
16 Pieces Colorful wooden stones stacking toy for children

The stone blocks have multiple flat cut surfaces, allowing children to stack various forms of stones to the highest level.

This wooden block contains colorful wooden stones that give your children even more alternatives for fun activities.

Your kid's toy no longer has to make your home look like a kindergarten. These wooden stone blocks are lovely and elegant decorative items.
Multiple colors and shapes - This wooden stone stacking game is unique and different from the regular building blocks. It is an effective tool to enhance a child's sense of challenge, and encourages activity, confidence, and determination. Not only that, our toy, through the stacking and creation of different designs from the stones, enhanced visual-spatial skills, color recognition. Thus, your kids get to use their brains in novel ways outside of school.
Create memories with your children - Our wooden stone blocks is a toys that children learn skills and abilities in a somewhat more lively and engaging manner; thus they learn through play. They improve their cognition and combination, and develop and deepen their language skills. With this toy, children enjoy the thrill of discovering and learning new things. This toy is recommended for children and even adults. The wooden stones are enjoyable and exciting to hold and stack because they come in so many various shapes and sizes.
Fun in a different and exciting way - Our open-ended wooden toy will provide hours of peaceful and thrilling pleasure. The blocks are handcrafted and are excellent for improving focus and attention. It also encourages creativity in children. The blocks are made from environmentally-friendly water-based paint and this makes it safe for children to play with. The wooden stones are one-of-a-kind and since no two blocks are alike, children have so much fun stacking the stones to suit their creativity.
Material: High-Quality Beech/Pinewood
Weight: 600g (1.32 lbs)
Age: 3+ years

• Wipe clean with a cloth, not washable.
• Wood will expand and deform when exposed to water.
• Remove the dust on the surface of the toy.
• Do not expose to dampness and do not expose to strong sunlight to prevent the paint from falling off the surface of the toy or the wooden toys that are prone to black and mildew when exposed to moisture.

What's in the box?:
16 pieces stones
No. They are not magnetic.
The toy is suitable for children 3 years and above.
It is made from high-quality pine wood.
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