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Wooden Educational Sorting Box

Wooden Educational Sorting Box

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🤭Did you know 85% of the child’s brain is formed by the age of 3?

Get your toddler a head start in life and try these Wooden Educational Sorting Box. Appropriate for 1+ year-olds.

The Wooden Educational Sorting Box nurtures your child’s visual skills, language development, concentration, memory, fun and easy activity for kids, and strength right from birth.

 Why buy "Wooden Educational Sorting Box"?

Give your toddler a head start
Equip your child with learning skills
Reach their developmental milestones sooner
Develop patience, attention, critical thinking, coordination

✅All-age learning tools
✅Fun Learning & Great visual stimulation
✅Safe & Durable Toys for Toddlers
Appropriate for 1+-year-olds

✅Made from REAL, solid wood, 100% Non-toxic and, BPA-free materials
✅Vibrant colors
✅Easy to use & perfect size for little hands

Package includes (see photo below):
80x Wooden tiles
8x Long Wooden Cards
1x Box

Why kids love it?


✅Great for toddlers- to develop hand-eye coordination and number, letters, animal, things recognition.


✅Young learners can visualize different things this matching game helps the kids to learn basics words and enhances their memory.



✅Friendly and safe materials and very sturdy which is harm-free for kids and pets. 


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