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Wooden Educational Math Balance Scale Toy

Wooden Educational Math Balance Scale Toy

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This Educational Balance Toy features the utmost in a fun and interactive design. Colorful wooden pieces and an engaging scale design ensure an entertaining experience children can enjoy while developing quality motor skills and cognitive abilities.

It's a perfect game for providing kids with an enriching playtime experience, avoiding boredom or overuse of screens and electronics. Share a fun and educational experience with your child.

  • Wooden scale balance toy
  • Durable material
  • Educational design
  • Engaging and interactive
  • Strengthens parent-child bonding
Develop your child’s motor skills and cognitive abilities via interactive play

A fun interactive scale with trays provides a variety of weights for balancing on each side, stimulating children's motor skills and cognitive abilities.

Smooth bright-colored weight pieces, fun cartoon patterns, and an intuitive setup make the game engaging and child-friendly.

Top-quality wood material with a polished finish ensures a long-lasting and durable play experience.
Teach your child quality skills with educational play

Educational Balance Toy teaches quality skills via a highly interactive design. By balancing weights on each side of the scale trays, children use different thinking and hands-on abilities, balancing and observing traits. They can compare each side by placing more weight on one than the other or taking some off and moving the code distance to maintain balance.

This fun game keeps kids engaged in interactive play, avoiding boredom, anxiety, and too much screen usage. Parents can also play with children, strengthening bonds and relationships.
Add or remove weights to reach a perfect balance
Material: Wooden
Recommended Age: 1+ years

Do not wash
Avoid moisture
Wipe with a semi-dry cloth
Do not expose to the sun
Do not use high-concentration detergents

  • Yes, the toy is ideal for ages 0-3 with pieces big enough to avoid choking or swallowing, but we still recommend that kids be supervised.
  • Yes, the scale comes with five colored weights including yellow, green, blue, purple, and red.
  • For optimal care and cleaning, only wipe with a semi-dry cloth, do not expose to the sun or high-concentration detergents. Please refer to the CARE TIPS above for more information.
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