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Stroke Line Writing Book

Stroke Line Writing Book

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Prepare your child for school by giving them a head start on writing and drawing!

Introduce your little girl to the basic skills of writing.

Children can learn to control their hands from an early age. The line writing book is a fun way to practice writing coordination. Children love it.

This book introduces your child to the writing process. Let them follow the lines with the pen to develop control. A good preschool exercise to speed up the learning process of writing.

The children can have many hours of fun with these books. Hours of fun and games so you can read your favorite book in peace with a good cup of coffee. The book is made of high quality materials with fun, challenging exercises suitable for young children. In addition, the book can be erased so that each exercise can be done endlessly.

The advantages of book online writing

  • Promotes Writing Skills
    This book is ideal for developing your little boy's writing skills even before writing begins at school.
  • Improves Control
    As your little girl can simply follow the lines, it promotes hand dexterity and control. A great and easy learning tool to introduce children to writing from an early age.
  • Erasable
    The book has a cover that is wipeable. If you write on it with a marker, you can erase the lines and reuse the book.
  • Safe
    The Line Writing Book is made of safe material without toxins. Combined with the rounded edges, the toy is 100% safe for small children.

Even more benefits!

  • ✓ Easy
  • ✓ Light weight
  • ✓ Environmentally friendly
  • ✓ 100% fun

How to use it

  • Step 1
    Open the book.
  • Step 2
    Let your little girl follow the lines with a pen.
  • Step 3
    After use, you can erase the lines to use the book again.


  • Size: 300x225x36mm
  • 6x black marker
  • 1x Plattenwischer
  • Weight: 725g
  • Material: non-tearable cardboard paper
  • Level 1: Age 3-4 years
  • Level 2: Age 4-5 years
  • Level 3: Age 5+ years*

The age information on the levels is an indication of the difficulty level of the game. 


  • Dashed Line (Level 1) - 64 pages
  • Stick Figures (Level 1) - 64 pages
  • Logical Thinking (Level 2) - 76 pages
  • Dot Drawing (Level 2) - 48 pages
  • Dot Drawing (Level 3) - 128 pages
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