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Montessori Australia

Montessori Woodpecker

Montessori Woodpecker

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Watching the screen all day has a bad effect on your child. Do you want to help your youngster learn skills in a fun way?

We have created a toy that will help your little one distinguish colors and improve their motor skills to a higher level. In addition, every well-done task will make your child smile.

Do you want your child to be busy with something while you do your tasks around the house?

The toy is so much fun that your toddler will be obsessed with feeding the bird with worms. The child will also understand how things work in nature and how important the mother bird is for the baby bird as it grows.

What will this toy teach my child?

While looking for worms, the kids first develop sight skills to distinguish colors. Then, when they find a worm, they need to get it out, helped by a mother bird and a magnet on the beak, where little ones develop motor skills such as grabbing, reaching and raking, which mean less clutter in the house. No mess.

Happy Family Time.

The perfect combination of motherhood and play, where you can learn colors together, practice catching worms, and enjoy advancing your little one's skills.

What are you waiting for? Surprise your child now.

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