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Montessori Tummy Time Mat

Montessori Tummy Time Mat

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Revolutionize Your Baby's Development with the Montessori Tummy Time Mat: Unlocking the Key to Early Milestones!

Encourages Healthy Developement!

The Montessori Tummy Time Mat is an essential tool for healthy baby development. Not only does it help strengthen your baby's neck and shoulder muscles, but it also supports sensory and visual development all while keeping them comfortable and entertained!

Keep Your Little One Happy And Entertained!

The Montessori Tummy Time Mat has colorful marine animal toys inside it so once you fill it with water, your little one will become instantly entertained by interacting with the water and colorful toys splash free!

Building Essential Skills!

  • Brain: Provides sensory stimulation and encourages cognitive development.
  • Head: Prevents flat head syndrome (plagiocephably)
  • Back: Encourages spinal alignment and builds posture strength
  • Neck: Strengthens and improves neck muscles and head control
  • Legs: Strengthens muscles to begin crawling
  • Arms: Strengthens arms for reaching and crawling
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