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Montessori Magnetic Tangram Book

Montessori Magnetic Tangram Book

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Grow With Your Little Friend And Enjoy Family Time Together.

Parents are the best friends of children. But how long have you not seen your little friends? Here our Montessori Magnetic Tangram Book encourages you to play along with your toddler. It will let the children fully enjoy the joy of the game and increase the interaction with the kids, let children grow up, and learn in the games. 

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Challenging & Fun.

Our tangrams for kids come with 7 colors of magnetic puzzles and cleverly designed with special questions in the book, which could encourage children to come up with solutions on their own as many as possible to develop their creative thinking and hands-on skills. Through such challenges, children can have a deeper understanding of the symmetry of geometric shapes. 

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Best Travel & Home Game.

The travel tangram puzzle book dimensions are 8.7 * 8.7 inches. It is small and convenient, easy to carry wherever you go. Excellent travel game to keep the child busy and quiet for a few hours! They will not get bored during the whole trip!

montessori, Educational, tangram, Gifts

Happy Family Time.

These Tangram Books encourage you to play with your toddlers. It allows them to fully enjoy the fun of the game and increases the interaction with you, allowing them to grow and learn in the game.


Eco-User-Friendly Design.

The magnetic blocks are made of wood which is painted with the best non-toxic painting. The texture is soft and easy to take, which doesn't hurt children's hands. The bottom is magnetic, strong, and durable, so you don't worry about losing the plate.

Toy, woodenjigsawtoy, Wooden, woodenjigsawpuzzle

Watch Your Child’s Imagination Come to Life. Get the Montessori Magnetic Tangram Book NOW!

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