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Montessori Magnetic Maze

Montessori Magnetic Maze

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Educating a child is like finding a way out of a labyrinth.

So many options are out there, but only one is appropriate for your child's unique developmental demands. Let our animal friends help you stay on the right track. Holding a guiding pen improves hand-eye coordination, essential for writing. Discovering a path through the maze helps focus, vital for tomorrow’s long school classes. Doing all of that on differently shaped and colored mazes will help kids’ color recognition and, ultimately, their imagination.

Patience is a virtue!

3-second attention span is the primary cause of learning difficulties. Phones and tv screens are the biggest obstacles. From the first day of preschool, kids are expected to stay concentrated for hours. Enrolling in that desired school or passing a difficult exam requires time and hard work. Magnetic Maze sets a simple goal but a difficult path to it. Going through that path repeatedly trains patience and the will to succeed.


✅ Helps fine motor skills, improves focus, and develops problem-solving skills
Reduces anxiety, agitation, discomfort, and restlessness in toddlers
✅ Keeps your child engaged and motivated to learn for hours
✅ Develops independence, patience, attention span, self-discipline

It has a "magnetic pull"! 

Not only will your child benefit from enjoying this toy for hours, but so will you. Sit your toddler down somewhere you can keep your eye on them and continue your day's work without a care. Or read a book, solve a crossword puzzle, or listen to some quality music. Set an example you want your kid to follow.

Safe for toddlers and easy to store.

We tied all the parts together to make this toy safe around children trying to put it inside their mouths and hard to lose around the house since they can't pull it apart. On top of it, we use only materials that comply with safety regulations, resulting in a cleaner environment when your young one grows up. We thought about everything.

Find your way out of a sticky birthday gifting situation.

Your friend's kid's birthday is next week. You can't be bothered to go around shops trying to find a fitting gift. It takes so much time and it's always no match for what Melanie brings. She's so inventive. Well, no more! A few clicks on our website, a courier brings it to your doorstep, and look who's the best gift-giver now!  

Raising your kids doesn't have to be the hardest thing on Earth. Take a deep breath and relax for a moment. We've got your back! Our toys are all the help you need.


  • Size: 15.5cm x 14cm x 1.40cm (6.09 in x 5.50 in x 0.55 in)
  • Main Material: 100% Natural Wood & Water-Based Paint (Non-Toxic)
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