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Montessori Australia

Montessori Carrots Harvest Box

Montessori Carrots Harvest Box

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šŸ¤­Carrots Harvest Box is a sorting box thatĀ tests the childrenā€™s hand-eye coordination and strategic skills.

Fun and straightforward for kids.Ā It will teach your young ones how toĀ identify sizes by inserting the carrots in their corresponding holes.Ā Repetition is the key to your toddler's forms and color mastery.

Get your toddler a head start in lifeĀ andĀ try these Carrots Harvest Box. Appropriate for 1+ year-olds.

Why buy "Montessori"?

āœ…Give your toddler aĀ head start.
āœ…Equip your child withĀ learning skills.
āœ…Reach theirĀ developmental milestonesĀ sooner
āœ…DevelopĀ patience,Ā attention,Ā criticalĀ thinking,Ā coordination.
āœ…Express theirĀ ideas with their friends and families.

āœ…All-age learning tools
āœ…Fun-filled hours of educational play
āœ…Safe & Durable Toys for Toddlers
āœ…Appropriate for 1+-year-olds
Made fromĀ REAL, solid wood, 100% Non-toxic and, BPA-free materials
EncouragesĀ counting, sorting, and pattern recognition
Easy to use &Ā perfect size for little hands
StimulatesĀ children's development

Why do kids love it?

āœ…Ā Learn organizational skills through sorting characters from this toy. Experience improved concentration levels and problem-solving.
āœ…A better way for your child to learn about numbers, sizes and, colors. This beautifully colored toy is a great introduction to basic things around us.
āœ…Brings learning and fun to every home. It also helps kids appreciate sustainable and eco-friendly materials as each piece from us is made for kids friendly materials.
āœ…Perfect size! Premium safe quality and makes these perfect for gifting. Carrots Harvest Box is a perfect educational toy for your toddler's developing mind.
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