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Montessori Binomial Cube

Montessori Binomial Cube

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The perfect way to teach preschoolers problem-solving! 🤓

(and create hours of FUN and EVERLASTING memories together 🤩)

    "I love the binomial cube. It is a great puzzle to teach young children to problem solve. Colors make it easy for self-correcting!"



Why is this super fun toy a must-have?

🟦The Montessori Binomial Cube is part of the sensory curriculum area. To the young child, the binomial cube is an entertaining three-dimensional puzzle.

🟥 The blocks are color-coded in different sizes to represent the algebraic Binomial formulas. The 8 wooden blocks include one red cube, three red and black matching prisms, one blue cube, and three blue and black matching prisms.

⬛The Binomial Cube is introduced to children from around 3 to 4 years old. The binomial cube prepares the child for higher-level math through concrete and visual exposure to the algebraic concept of a binomial cube.


1) Pull down one side of the box and remove all the blocks from the box one at a time.

2) Sort the blocks by color order. Make sure to leave an inch of space to see the color clearly.

3) Tell the child you are now going to build the cube, and using the lid of the box, begin with the red block.

4) Point to a red side of the placed block and say you need to match this color.

5) Find a matching block and place it in the correct spot.

6) Continue to work until the first level is complete. The top pattern should match the lid of the box.

7) Placing a hand on the first level show the child that it is flat.

8) Next, tell the child you will move this layer into the box.

9) Once the first level is in the box, begin the second level on top, using the box's lid as a reference. If the child has caught on to the pattern, allow them to assist.

10) When the second layer is complete, again place a hand to show the child that it is flat.

11) Close the box, one side at a time, and then replace the lid.



📝  Product details:
-Quantity: 1 Montessori Binomial Cube

-Material: Wood
-Age appropriateness: 3+ years old

📦 Package includes:
-1 x Wooden box with cover
-8 x Blocks.


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