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Montessori Australia

Montessori Calming Kid's Sensory Swing Hammock

Montessori Calming Kid's Sensory Swing Hammock

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Turn everyday spaces into an enchanting oasis of calm with Montessori Australia - the Calming Kid's Sensory Swing Hammock, thoughtfully designed to cocoon your child in a world of soothing relaxation, enhancing their sensory skills, and providing a peaceful sanctuary that fosters their imagination and growth, all while being an inviting highlight in any child's room - it's the comfort your little explorer deserves!

Embracing Calm, Unleashing Imagination

This Calming Kid's Sensory Swing Hammock provides a unique comfort zone for children, enveloping them in a warm, secure hug. They'll love this soothing escape, perfect for reading, relaxing, or simply letting their imagination run wild.

Montessori Australia is more than just a hammock. It's a sanctuary for your child's sensory exploration.

Peace for You, Joy for Them: Easy Installation, Instant Tranquility

Montessori Australia doesn't only benefit the kids. You'll relish the few moments of tranquility, knowing your child is safely cocooned in their calming swing. Plus, witness the joy on their faces and the magical twinkle in their eyes each time they climb in.

Installation? We've got it covered! Each Montessori Australia comes with an easy-to-follow mounting kit. So, your child's dreamy retreat will be ready in no time.


  • Kid's Sensory Swing Hammock
  • Comfort & Calming Zone for Kids
  • Safe, Secure and Easy-to-Install
  • Set Includes Everything for Easy Install
  • Colors: Blue, Red, Black
  • Size: 100x280cm / 39.37x110inch 
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