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Magic Practice Copybooks®

Magic Practice Copybooks®

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Our Magic Practice Copybooks make learning a blast!  Comes with a set of 4 premium quality copybooks for Math, Drawing, Numbers, and the Alphabet to help improve children's handwriting abilities.  Numbers and letters are grooved so your children can experience the independence of learning on their own!

Use the magic pen (included with set) and watch the ink fade away after you finish writing, just like magic!

✔   Helps develop perfect handwriting
✔   Improves hand-eye coordination
✔   Fun and interactive
✔   Safe and easy to use

Includes: 4 Books, 5 Magic Ink Refills, 1 Magic Pen w/ Grip


How does it work?

The Magic Ink disappears after 15 minutes. Allowing your kids to play every day until they’ve mastered their handwriting! Repetition is key to learning.

✔ Improves handwriting, basic math and creativity through exercises with grooved numbers, letters and drawings

✔ Reusable and eco-friendly  

✔ Perfect for homeschooling


Making learning fun!

Following the outlined spaces, your children can experience the independence of learning on their own!

✔ Through constant repetition when writing with this book, connections are formed in the brain which stimulates the learning process.

✔ Over time, your child will develop and refine motor skills that correct hand position and pencil grip, leading to better development of their own unique writing style.






 Material: White hard pressed durable cardboard

 Style: Alphabet; Numbers; Drawing;Addition & Subtraction

 Size: 13cm*19cm



 Auto Fade 

 WritingWidth: 0.5mm

 Colour: Black

Package Includes: 4 Magic practice copybooks® (Math, Numbers, Alphabet and Drawing).

1 Magic pen set.


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