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Montessori Australia

Magic Car Tracks®

Magic Car Tracks®

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✔️Magic Car Tracks bend like you've never seen before; This set includes up to 19 feet of track plus a Light-Up Race Truck with 2 LED lights.

✔️With Serpentine Technology, you can quickly and easily flex, bend, and curve the track magically in 3D 360 degrees however you want – even while the race truck is zooming around

✔️Easy to Assemble. Just snap the pieces together and you get a fully customized speedway of your own creation.

✔️Magic Car Tracks make a great gift for your kid; You can even use items around your house like ladder, books, sofa, table or tree to make bridges, tunnels, ramps, and more for endless hours of fun

✔️Give your kid age 3 4 5 6 7 8 and up hours of stimulating, creative, hands-on activity


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