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Educational Dinosaur Excavation Toy

Educational Dinosaur Excavation Toy

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This Dinosaur Excavation Toy is the perfect opportunity to provide your child with an exciting educational experience. Kids' can have fun excavating various dinosaur fossil parts while developing quality coordination, imagination, touch recognition, and observation skills and getting a feel for a real-life archeological experience.

The toy's hands-on design is perfect for keeping children engaged for hours, seeing what they can dig up next!

  • Dinosaur excavation toy
  • Educational and interactive
  • Top-quality material
  • Ideal for gifting
  • Perfect for kids ages 6 and up
Stimulate your child's imagination and creativity via interactive play

REALISTIC KID-FRIENDLY TOOLS - Realistic excavation tools and dinosaur bones resemble a real-life archaeological experience, helping kids learn and feel more engaged while playing.

An interactive digging design keeps kids entertained and curious while developing quality motor and creative skills.

Each dinosaur bone matches and connects with another, inspiring curiosity and consistency and ensuring a goal for children to reach.
Provide your child with an educational hands-on play experience

This Dinosaur Excavation Toy develops children's imagination and creativity via a fun educational experience.

While digging up, brushing, and shoveling the dinosaur's bones, they learn quality skills and simulate real-life archaeological experiences. Each piece discovered is a part of the dinosaur, inspiring children to keep searching to build the whole thing.
Spray water. Excavate. Sweep. Rinse. Assemble.
Material: Gypsum; Environmental Protection Resin
Weight: 1.32 lbs (600 g)
Recommended Age: 6+ years

What's in the box?:
1pc Dinosaur
Excavation Tools
  • Yes, this is a full set that includes digging tools designed for kids and all dinosaur bones.
  • No, the design is intuitive and easy to assemble for kids.
  • No, the design is realistic but the bones are plastic material.
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