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Dream Babies | 3 in 1 Montessori Wooden Educational Toy

Dream Babies | 3 in 1 Montessori Wooden Educational Toy

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 "My one-year-old grandson knew what to do. He loved the mallet and pegs. Even more enthusiastic for the xylophone. We moved it aside to give him his next gift...he actually cried. It was a huge win!"
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - K. Scott
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Toys are important in early childhood development, it contributes to children's cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being. However, contrary to popular belief, expensive electronic toys and tablet-based toys are not critical for children’s healthy development. In fact, high-tech toys can often overstimulate kids and negatively affect children's social skills, mental and physical health, relationship, and overall ability to focus

DreamBabies is an innovative Montessori wooden toy that promotes learning through play and fosters creativity and imagination. This interactive educational toy is proven to entertain kids while encouraging music development and developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and number recognition. This early educational toy helps uncover young children's natural talents and nurtures them into lifelong skills.


EARLY MUSIC EXPOSURE: One side of the Dream-Babies wooden bench contains an eight-note toy xylophone. It encourages early music exploration and development and also promotes the development of cause-and-effect and hand-eye coordination.

CONCENTRATION & DEXTERITY: The top side of Dream Babies wooden bench features classic game "whack-a-mole", which allows toddlers to hammer. It can strengthen kids' muscles and improve fine motor skills, coordination, focus, and concentration.

LOGIC & MOTOR SKILLS: One side of the Dream-Babies wooden bench contains a slidable number maze puzzle. It develops number recognition, hands-on ability, problem-solving, logical and strategic thinking skills, and spatial awareness

✅ CONFIDENCE & RESILIENCE: DreamBabies provides endless opportunities for success at all skill levels. It’s challenging enough to keep the kids engaged while easy enough to boost confidence, which helps builds healthy coping skills to live a happy life.

✅ PARENT-CHILD INTERACTION: The Dream-Babies games can involve multiple players, so kids can play together with family and friends. Through play, kids develop positive communication and social skills, such as sharing, cooperating, and respecting others.

✅ PRIMARY QUALITY WOODEN TOY: Dream-Babies is made of natural pine wood and designed with the utmost attention to detail and polished to perfection. It’s multifunctional and will remain in prime condition throughout the baby’s childhood playtime.

We understand parenting is both the most rewarding and most challenging job a person can take on in their life. It can be very stressful having to constantly wonder if you are doing everything in your power to help your kids reach their full potential. Recent research shows, around the world, over 40% of young children are not reaching their full potential because of inadequate nutrition, lack of early stimulation, learning, and nurturing care.

DreamBabies Montessori wooden toy is a perfect educational toy to participate in babies' growth. It encourages creativity through play, it's also proven to promote children's early music development, improve hand-eye coordination and learning abilities, and nurture perceptual and cognitive development. Enjoy newfound ease of parenting with a quality educational toy that kids can learn and develop through fun playful activities.


  • Dimension: 5.11 x 5.51 x 9.84 inches = 13 x 14 x25 cm
  • Weight: 2.3lbs = 1.05kg
  • Recommended Ages: 1 year and up


  • (1) x Wooden Hammering and Pounding Bench
  • (2) x Wooden Hammer  
  • (2) x Wooden Mallets

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