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Christmas 25-Day Countdown Gift Box Set

Christmas 25-Day Countdown Gift Box Set

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Need a way to keep your child entertained until Christmas? This Christmas Countdown Fidget Toy Gift Box Set is perfect. It features a 25-day countdown design with 28 toy pieces ideal for helping kids cope with the excitement of the holidays and waiting to open presents.

The unique toy set includes a fun variety of interactive fidget toys for kids to explore and play with for hours. It's perfect for developing intelligence, motor skills, and communication with parents. Surprise your child with this fun and educational Christmas gift box set.

  • Christmas countdown fidget toy gift box set
  • Interactive and educational
  • Keeps children entertained while waiting for Christmas
  • Perfect for your kids
Material: Silicone Gel
Weight: 1.5 lbs (680 gm)

  • Yes, this gift box set features 28 toy pieces inside 25 different holes with no repeats.
  • Yes, most of the toys feature a Christmas theme, such as Santa Claus, a cross, a Christmas tree, and reindeer. But your child will enjoy a wide variety of toys they'll get each day.
  • (1) Open one hole on December 1st and give it to your child, starting the countdown until Christmas. (2) Avoid opening more holes per day. (3) Open the last hole on December 25th (Christmas Day), completing the 25-day countdown.
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