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Wooden Rotation CVC Block Letters Teaching Toy

Wooden Rotation CVC Block Letters Teaching Toy

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Teach your child their first words with this Wooden Rotation CVC Block Letters Teaching Toy. Featuring a three-letter CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) design, it's perfect for helping kids understand the basics of spelling via recognition and comparison.

The card game layout is ideal for making the educational experience seamless and fun. Guide your child into learning English with this entertaining learning toy!
  • Wooden block letters teaching toy
  • Interactive and educational
  • Safe and durable material
  • Educational and challenging
Teach your child their first words with this Teaching Toy

Each wooden block comes with a colored letter and easily rotates, making the spelling process easy while still engaging.

The game cards each feature a unique cartoon-like image and word to spell out for an entertaining experience.

Top-quality wood ensures the utmost durability for a long-lasting playing and educational experience.
Teach spelling and reading via recognition and comparison

This fun wooden block game teaches children basic reading skills through CVC (consontant-vowel-consonant) dynamic. Each group of blocks comes in a set of three with different letters on each side that change by rotation. Once a card is picked and placed in the card box, each block must match the letters on the card, spelling out the word that also matches the image.

By recognizing the letter patterns and comparing the blocks to the card, children learn how to spell simple words in a seamless game-like way. The wooden cubes also vary between vowels and consonant colors, making recognition an essential learning point.
Rotate the blocks in order to match the word on the card
Material: Wood
Weight: 1.12lbs (510gm)
Recommended Age: 3+ years

What's in the box?:
1 x Card Box
4 x Letter Blocks
25 x Cards
  • This game comes with a deck of cards, wooden rotating blocks and a wooden box.
  • Yes, this game features top-quality wood and high-temperature thermal painting for a long-lasting and fadeless experience.
  • Each card features a unique cartoon drawing of a random item and word for kids to spell out.
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