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Wooden Montessori Activity Centre Triangle Toys

Wooden Montessori Activity Centre Triangle Toys

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This 5-in-1 activity triangle toy is one of the best toys you could give to your kids to promote learning and fun at the same time. Kids as little as two years of age can build their mathematical skills, quantitative and verbal reasoning skills, alphabet learning, and fine art skills with this piece.

  • Excellent fun toy for kids of different ages
  • Develop multiple skills in kids
  • Engage kids for hours
  • Reduce screen time and promote healthy fun
  • 5-in-1 activity centerpiece
  • Reduced possibility of missing pieces
  • Perfect gift for kids
  • Easy to play with
5 In 1 Wooden
Activity Center
Triangle Toys
Develop Multiple Skills in KidsThese wooden activity toys enhance your kids' basic skills right from their formative age. They will be able to learn fundamental arithmetic and linguistic skills, develop their fine arts skills as they grow, and have boundless fun doing it.
Engage Kids For Hours

Squared blocks
of alphabet

80 bead
multi-color abacus
activity piece

Clock board
and much more!
Promote Healthy FunThis activity triangle reduces excessive screen time that can be unhealthy for kids and cause mental drain with this activity piece. They will be able to have fun without hurting themselves physically and mentally.
8 Pages with Multiple Interactive Games
Engage Kids With Hours of FunThis activity triangle center gives your kids so much fun with its multiple activities for unending hours. They can play by themselves or with their friends and siblings. The multi-fun activities are not limited to any age as kids of 2 years can play with it just as kids that are up to 10.
Material: Made with quality wood and non-toxic paint.
Product Dimension: 25 cm x 23 cm x 29 cm (9.8 in x 9.1 in x 11.4 in)
Weight: 2000g (4.4 lbs)

CARE TIPS: Store in a cool dry place.

High-quality wood. It is made majorly of wood and non-toxic paint that has been certified safe for kids.
Yes, it is. Your child or young relative will have fun with it. Kids up to 10 years can use the scribbling board for drawing practices and other academic activities.
This activity triangle toy comes with five distinct fun and learning activities that can help develop at least three skills in young kids.
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