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Number & Alphabet Wooden Montessori Fishing Toy

Number & Alphabet Wooden Montessori Fishing Toy

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Arranging alphabets and numbers is much more fun than asking kids to read them from a textbook. Kids at their earliest and most basic learning stage will find it easier to explore alphabets and numbers if presented in a fun way. And that is what our Montessori toys do.

Your kids will be able to identify numbers, alphabets, and their respective colors, building their verbal, mathematical, and art skills.

  • Educative and fun toy
  • Enhance your kid's learning
  • Visual Presentation
  • Preschool Academic toy
  • Multiple games available
  • Safe for kids
  • Easy to use
Educative & Fun Toy
Have your kids learn and have fun at the same time with this alphabet puzzle toy. Whatever the purpose is, just know that these toys will keep them active and engaged for hours.
Fast learning for your kids

Enhance your
Kid's learning


Multiple Games
Preschool Academic Toy - This toy takes your kids to school before they actually go to school. Your kids will be able to learn the English alphabet, count numbers, and learn a variety of new concepts at home.
Creative and educational

Counting Pieces &
Naming Colors

Sorting & Stacking
Colorful Ring

Learning Number
Material: With quality wood, made of premium wood that’s very durable and can withstand falls and drops, and other abuse from your kids.
Product Dimension:  45 cm x 18 cm x 7.3cm (17.7 in x 7 in x 2.88 in)

Things included in the box:
  • Wooden Play Board x 1
  • Plastic Circles x 55
  • Letters x 26
  • Number x 10
  • Wooden Joint x 10
  • Shape x 10
  • Fishing Stick x 2
  • Magnetic Fishes x 10
  • Mathematical Symbols x 7

Care instructions
There are small pieces included, so kids with a tendency to swallow things should be placed under supervision. Wipe the dust with a soft cleaning cloth.
Absolutely. The Montessori alphabet and counting fun board get your kids kicking from as early as two years and will remain relevant until 10.
You don't have to watch your kids unless you are helping them sort the numbers. The toy is very safe and does not hold any danger. The paint is non-toxic, while every other material is made of wood with smoothened edges.
No. The toy comes with a vast number of games and activities that include number counting, fish games, sorting colors of the rings putting rings on pegs e.t.c
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