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Magnetic Fraction Learning Set

Magnetic Fraction Learning Set

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Introducing Our Montessori Magnetic Book Fraction Puzzle For Children!

Make learning fractions a breeze with our innovative Magnetic Book Fraction Puzzle! Designed to engage children in mathematical concepts through play, this interactive toy revolutionizes the way fractions are taught, making learning fun and intuitive.


  • 🧩 Magnetic Design: Easy-to-assemble magnetic pieces provide hands-on exploration of fractions, fostering interactive learning experiences.
  • 📊 Fraction Demonstration: Visually display fraction concepts, aiding children in understanding fraction meanings and operation rules effortlessly.
  • 🔢 Cognition Enhancement: Promote understanding of numerators and denominators through manual fraction manipulation, enhancing cognitive development and mathematical proficiency.
  • ➕➖ Operations Mastery: Support addition and subtraction operations, empowering children to master fraction techniques and problem-solving strategies with confidence.
  • ğŸŽ“ Multiple Applications: Ideal for classroom, family, or independent learning, our toy adapts to various educational settings for versatile enrichment opportunities.


  • Material: Wood
  • Recommended Age: 3-12 years
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Model Number: Wooden Learning Toys

Unlock the world of fractions with our Montessori Magnetic Book Fraction Puzzle and watch your child's mathematical skills soar!

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