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Kids Zero Mess Doodle Magic Water Drawing Mat With Pen And Brush

Kids Zero Mess Doodle Magic Water Drawing Mat With Pen And Brush

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When your kids love to draw, you'll surely expect drawings on almost everything—walls, floors, furniture, clothes, and even on their faces. This Doodle Magic Water Drawing Mat is perfect for you and your kids. Give them the freedom to write and draw all they want and develop their art skills with zero mess.

  • Help kids learn
  • Zero Mess
  • A creative outlet for kids
  • Easy to carry about
  • Water-resistant mat
  • Easy and exciting to play with
Kids Zero Mess
Doodle Magic
Water Drawing Mat
Excellent Fun Mat For Kids - Get your kids thrilled as they watch their drawings magically disappear into thin air. They can play with friends and challenge themselves to finish a drawing before the part of it starts to disappear.
Water-resistant and durable mat

Different Drawing
Patterns For Kids

Thick and Thin
Brushes To Draw
Large Shapes or
Small Details

Learn Colors,
Fruits, Shapes,
Vehicles and
Much More
Zero Mess! Kids will find it easy to draw and play with this mat. It is very easy to set up and does not require any special skills. All they have to do is open the cap of the pen and fill it with water and start drawing. The drawings fade within minutes, which means there is no need to wipe the mat. The pen and brush are non-stain and cannot create a mess.
Perfect Gift For Kids
Help Kids Practice - Our kid's non-stain magical drawing mat is one of the best play kits to get your child to develop a liking for art in his formative years. This mat comes with the advantage of being mess-free, so you won't have to worry about handling any stains. You can encourage your kids to try and up their drawing skills.
Material: Our Zero mess Mat is made with durable, water-resistant Nylon.
Product Dimension: 100 cm x 100 cm (39.4 in x 39.4 in)

CARE TIPS: Do not wash at all, whether with a machine or manually. Only use the water brush on the mat to protect it. Fold and keep in a safe place after use.

What's in the box?:
• 1 zero mess magic drawing mat
• 1 brush
• 3 drawing pens
• 4 drawing templates
• 8 shapes
• 1 instruction guide.
Not at all. If anything, it is best to avoid trying to wash or use a wet rag on this mat. Moreover, it is self-cleanable as any writing or drawings done on it disappears by themselves.
Absolutely. Even kids as old as ten can draw and have fun with this mat.
Yes, this mat is big for the kids given their age. To be more specific, this mat will take up to three kids, age 5.
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