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Geometric Shape Cognitive Tetris Puzzle Game

Geometric Shape Cognitive Tetris Puzzle Game

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Wouldn't it be great for your child to learn quality skills during playtime? This Geometric Shape Cognitive Tetris Toy is the perfect way to expand children's motor and intelligence skills through a playful and entertaining experience. The challenging game of Tetris helps put children to the test while giving them a sense of achievement. Provide your child with a quality, fun educational experience.

  • Educational geometric puzzle toy
  • Develops intelligence and brain power
  • Stimulates motor skills
  • Interactive design
  • Top quality material
Tetris Educational Puzzle Game Toy

Whether traditional Tetris games or creative building, this geometric shape toy helps develop hand-eye coordination, creativity, and brain development.

Colorful matching crystals and various shapes provide an extra engaging and more entertaining playing experience.

Quality materials and textures such as beech wood frames ensure tough impact resistance and avoid deformation and crackling.
Help children develop essential motor and intelligence skills. This educational game assists children in developing motor skills and logical thinking abilities through interactive and creative play. The challenging game of Tetris or creative building keeps kids thinking as they try to connect each geometric part. Diverse colors and shapes help make the game an extra engaging playing experience.
Take turns trying to match another piece to a piece that's inside the board with the same color
Super Fun Toy This educational game instills a sense of achievement after problem-solving, inspiring children to play more. Children can develop essential skills in a fun but challenging learning process. Bond with your child via an entertaining experience that expands their motor skills and thinking abilities.
Material: Beach Wood Frame; ABS Plastic pieces
Weight: 530g (1.17 lbs)
Age: 4+ years

The game is ideal for kids ages 4+ years old and challenging enough so that they can learn while playing.
Yes, this set features highly resistant beech wood and ABS plastic providing a long-lasting play experience.
This product features safe eco-friendly material and is suitable for kids 4+ years old.
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