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Educational Dinosaur Unicorn Board Game Toy

Educational Dinosaur Unicorn Board Game Toy

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Would you like your child to learn quality skills while having fun? This Educational Dinosaur Unicorn Board Game Toy provides an entertaining experience while teaching kids essential logical thinking, motor, and language skills. Its engaging design is perfect for maintaining kids' attention and learning quality lessons. Provide your child with an enlightening and playful educational experience.

  • Educational board game toy
  • Highly educational
  • Stimulates motor skills
  • Entertaining design
Educational Teaching Aid Digital Board Game

EDUCATIONAL DESIGN Children can benefit from many ways to learn different skills, such as language, motor, balance, math, and colors, thanks to a highly educational design.

ENGAGING DINOSAUR THEME A colorful and interactive dinosaur/unicorn theme helps keep children engaged, making the game more playful for a fun learning experience and avoiding boredom

INTUITIVE AND PRACTICAL PIECES Practical game pieces and an intuitive design help children handle and operate the game, encouraging them to feel more in control and inspired to play.
Entertaining experience while learning By playing this educational game, a sense of achievement after problem-solving inspires children to play and learn more. Children can develop essential skills while simultaneously experiencing a fun and seamless learning process.
Balance the scale and solve the problems
Interactive Play This educational game encourages children to develop motor skills and thinking abilities by presenting different challenges. Thanks to a fun dinosaur/unicorn design, they'll feel like they're playing while solving various math problems, spelling, and weighing, which are essential for learning quality skills. An intuitive design full of colors and unique pictures keeps children entertained and learning, avoiding boredom and ensuring quality playtime.
Material: ABS Plastic
Weight: 2500g (5.51 lbs)

What's in the box?
Numbers x 20
Alphabet letters x 10
Math Symbols x 5
Unicorn/Dinosaur Figurines x 19
Learning Cards x 30
-The game is designed for kids ages 3 years and above and challenging enough so that they can learn while playing.
-Yes, this set features quality plastic material providing a long-lasting play experience.
-Yes, this product is safe for kids from ages 3 years and above.
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