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Montessori Australia

Custom Name Montessori Wooden Board

Custom Name Montessori Wooden Board

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Would you like your child to learn quality lessons in a fun way? This Personalized Children's Name Puzzle helps turn the essential learning process into engaging playtime. Unique colors, shapes, and letters invite children to learn how to spell their names and develop new skills. Quality and non-toxic materials ensure easy handling and a safe experience. Toddlers will love playing with this colorful wooden toy. Teach your child basic and essential skills via playtime.

  • Personalized children's name puzzle
  • Encourages independent play
  • Develops basic skills
  • Practical and intuitive
  • Top-quality material
Personalized Wooden Name Board

CUSTOM NAME LETTERINGThe puzzle toy comes with a specific name for children to learn how to spell it or for personalized gifting and cute decor.

PRACTICAL AND INTUITIVE DESIGNLarge and smooth pieces make the puzzle intuitive and easy to handle for kids' small hands, making it easier to play and learn.

NON-TOXIC DURABLE MATERIALExtra durable and non-toxic wood material with smooth edges ensures a safe and long-lasting play experience.
Learn new skills while playingBy playing with the puzzle toy, children can begin to learn how to spell their names. A variety of colors, shapes, and letters make it easy for kids to stay entertained and want to figure out how to fit each piece into each place in the board. The puzzle also encourages children to engage in independent playtime while exploring each shape and testing its durability and feel. It's also a perfect opportunity for parents to join in on the fun, especially when teaching little ones how to spell.
Made for small hands
Material: Birch Plywood
Dimensions: 30-40 cm x 23 cm x 4.5 cm (11.81-15.75 in x 9.06 in x 1.77 in)
Weight: 1-6 letters: 470g (1.04 lbs); 7-9 letters: 640g (1.41 lbs)

-Yes, this is a custom puzzle that allows you to order it with a name of your choosing.
-Yes, the puzzle pieces are big enough for kids to easily grab and handle.
-Yes, this product features durable wood material for long-lasting use.
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